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1. Learn about the Martin de Tours Experience

2. Select and Personalize Your Garment

3. Receive Your Custom Garment

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"The process was easy
and much more enjoyable than going to a store."

  • "....Within about twenty minutes 
he walked me through the fit
    and accouterments I should go with...
I highly recommend it...." Nate Hopper,Esquire Mag

  • "A made-to-measure custom menswear line,
that produces
    beautiful custom made suits,
shirts and separates from the
    finest materials, and at an affordable price.”

  • “No.2 in the list of eight best new menswear kickstarters"

New Wardrobe

2 Half Canvas Suits,

4 shirts

Shirtstarter kit

5 Shirts

10 Shirts


2 Three Piece Suits

3 shirts

4 Two Piece Suits

6 Shirts

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