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Signature - Sharkskin

Featuring a sharkskin fabric, this signature suit has a sheen show-stopping look that draws all eyes on you. Pair it with a solid shirt and tie to complete this amazing look.

• Super 130
• Fabric Composition: 85% Tricot; 15% Reyon
• Fabric Weight: 280g/m


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Our Focus is Quality

Martin de Tours ensures your satisfaction with our Noble Fit Guarantee. If an order requires adjustments, we will provide up to $75 in credit for suit alterations, and a $25 credit for all other custom tailored clothing for local tailoring.

  • 1 Fit

    Italian Cut is our most athletic cut, complimenting your silhouette with a sleek, contemporary fit. British Cut adds more contour to the suit, providing a well-tailored, timeless fit. American Contemporary is our most traditional fit; cut with plenty of allowance for movement, this suit provides the most comfort.

    Suit Fit

    • Italian Cut
    • British Cut
    • Contemporary American
  • 2 Include Vest

    A vest is great for casual or formal occasions. Complete the look of a three, piece suit or wear alone for a stylish, yet casual look. For a more formal look, we recommend adding a vest.

    Include Vest

    • No
    • Yes
  • 3 Lapel

    Notch lapels are the most common, and the most versatile choice when it comes to jacket lapels. Peak Lapels, on the contrary, are for the more fashion forward and are normally seen on double-breasted jackets. Shawl Lapels are the most formal and least common of the three as they are unique to tuxedos and dinner jackets.


    • Notch
    • Peak
    • Shawl

    Lapel Size

    • Standard
    • Slim
  • 4 Vent

    Choosing a Jacket Vent comes down to personal preference. Jackets with no vents sacrifice function for looks. One center-vented jackets are most common on off-the-rack jackets. A double, side-vented jacket is the preferred choice, as it provides the most comfort and freedom of movement.

    • None
    • Central
    • Side
    • Side w/ Strap
  • 5 Buttons

    Like a jacket with a notch lapel, two button jackets are the most common and versatile selection. A three-jacket button is the most traditional selection, and favors those of a taller stature. One button suits are more trendy, and for the fashion forward. A double breasted jacket is a less common, yet distinguished selection.


    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Double Breasted
  • 6 Pocket

    Flap pockets are the most traditional and common selection, because of their versatility. Double Bosom pockets are cut into the garment and have reinforced piping along the slit of the pocket for a sleeker appearance. Patch pockets are more casual, and often used on summer jackets and blazers.

    Pocket Style

    • Flap
    • Double Bosom
    • Patch

    Pocket Angle

    • Straight
    • Slant

    Ticket Pocket

    • Yes
    • No
  • 7 Lining

    Add some personal flair and character to your jacket with the jacket lining.


    • Light Blue
    • Gray
    • Navy
    • Tan
    • Pink
    • Sky Blue
    • Purple Slant Wide
    • Purple Slant Thin
    • Blue
    • Chainmail
    • Diamonds
    • Polka Dot
    • Burst
    • Flare
    • Ripple
    • Autumn
    • Orient
    • Damask
    • Blue Paisley
    • Frost Paisley
    • Navy Blue Paisley
    • Silver Paisley
  • 13 Monogram Color

    Make a statement with your jacket by adding a 40 character monogram, then customize it by selecting your embroidery color and the font.

    Monogram Color

    • No Embroidery
    • Black
    • Dark Blue
    • Grey
    • Red
    • White

    Monogram Font

    • None
    • Times Roman
    • Script
    • Calligraphy
    • Block


    Add your name, initials, or a meaningful quote that represents you.

    Maximum number of characters: 20

    Add your name, initials, or a meaningful quote that represents you.

    Maximum number of characters: 20

  • 14 Pant Pleats Suit

    Pants without pleats are fashionable and trendy. Pants with pleats, while uncommon, allow for extra room and freedom of movement if preferred.

    Pant Pleats Suit

    • No
    • Single
  • 15 Pant Cuffs

    Pants without cuffs are the most versatile and common option. Pants with cuffs are an indicator of refined style when worn properly. Choose accordingly.

    Pant Cuffs

    • No
    • Yes